Hello there!

Film production
for companies
and brands

You and us

Attract attention, impress and convince –

with film productions made for you

and your marketing.

Hello there!

Film production
for companies
and brands

You and us

Attract attention, impress and convince -with film productions made for you and your marketing.

Image film & brand portrait

To create trust in the market and identification in the company your positioning as a company and brand is fundamentally needed. With an image film everything comes together: what you stand and for and what value you create for your customers and employees so that everybody will know who you are. Always individual, always tailor-made for your target pulp.


Let your customers have their say. In practical applications with your customers or partners you can show the strengths of your products and solutions where they are most convincing.


Successful advertising campaigns need specifically developed advertising clips. We design and produce your moving image ads for Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and TV to promote your campaign or event.

Product video

Present your product or your specific service in an authentic way and clearly highlight advantages. With good narrative style and impressive images your audience will be convinced. Use your product videos on your website, on your online shop or in a dedicated advertising campaign.


Each of your product tells a story, there is a process from A to Z in ways which are unknown world to outsiders. From maker to customer, from manufacturer to end user, from inventor to interested party. We admire to capture the flavor of these processes and accompany the development of your products, ideas and innovations.

Dialogue, table talk & panel discussion

Some topics and relations are understood best when people take their time to talk with others. When exciting minds talk about important aspects of your products or services, the spark ignites.

Recruiting-video & employer branding film

Attract the right employees by portraying your style and corporate culture with an authentic and approachable film, thus generate reach for your campaign via social media platforms.

Video content for your content strategy

Are you planning a content strategy with a blog or a magazine for Youtube and other social media channels? Should your target group be addressed with exciting, valuable and entertaining videos to increase the visibility of your brand and your products? We develop and produce any type of video series and channel concepts for your success.

Internal communication

Working groups, management teams or individuals in your company want to communicate important topics and messages internally to a broad mass of employees and partners? We create a format, that fits your needs together with you. Next, we prepare the set on site, well-planned schedules and modern teleprompter equipment for efficient time schedules.

Livestream content

YouTube Live and Facebook Live are the big players of social media, sometimes with enormous outreach. We are honest, its not easy to livestream: You need a clean technical setup to avoid embarrassing yourself “on air” with poor picture quality or a tinny soundIf you want to reach your target group with live streams. We plan a lean, stable setup and before launching we carry out test runs and provide advice and tips for the best possible execution.

Tutorials & explanatory movie

To make it easy for others to understand: Assembly, installation, setup, commissioning, workflows and maintenance processes for devices, machines, furniture or software products can’t be explained more easily then with video clips with convenient content and time-saving manner.